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Nikita Turchyn - print "Toothpaste"

Nikita Turchyn - print "Toothpaste"

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Hello, this is Nikita. He was born in the city of Melitopol (now temporarily occupied) in 1998. I never studied to be a photographer, but I just decided to take pictures probably since childhood, when I saw a beautiful spring snowdrop in the lens of a simple digital camera presented to our family. But I finally took up this craft only in 2016. In general, I photograph what I see, ideas appear only after what I see, so my imagination starts to work. In photographs, I test my feelings and attitude to the world, trying to find something subtle. It is impossible to explain that effort until the moment, it is better to remain silent than to say something. Interestingly, I still use a simple father's camera that I once took from my hometown, but it is also ironic that my parents were also forced to leave there, leaving all their memories there. I like variety, my works can be done in different styles. This is a film, a digital photo, and even a photo from an old video camera. Sometimes I think that I don't care what to photograph, I will try everywhere to get that moment and make a projection of my feelings from it. Only after they are extinguished can I display a series of works, but the fire is difficult to extinguish, so I go searching again.

Size: 14x21 cm
Printing on 300 gsm thick paper.

50% of the sale of this work will go to:
- Help for children (Tabletochki, Children's Voice, Everyone May)
- Help for animals (BF "Happy paw" or separate shelters),
- Reconstruction assistance (Building Ukraine Together, Repair Together),
- Medical care (Hospitalists, Sister of Mercy),
- Evacuation of people from hot spots (Rescue Now)


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