About us

We are Nadiia and Iva, co-founders of Ksi Prostir NGO and creative group of the same name.

Ksi Prostir is engaged in multidisciplinary projects in the field of visual art. We are working to create an environment and opportunities for young Ukrainian art.

Since 2014, when our initiative was launched, we have:

  • organized about 450 events,
  • created a hospitable space for the work of artists of various directions,
  • held exhibitions of young artists,
  • provided a space for the presentation of young artists from the Dnipro and not only, engaged in curation and art management; it was often a debut experience for the participants,
  • did their own projects and experiments.

From February 24, 2022, we did:

  • conducted 25 charity workshops at the Center of Contemporary Culture in Dnipro as part of the work of the temporary social hub;
  • created a charity NFT art collection;
  • assembled a collection of works created during the full-scale invasion for an exhibition at the Espace29 gallery in Bordeaux in collaboration with Ukraine Amitié;
  • supervised the sale of Ukrainian art prints at the Dresden Art Fair and a festival in Denmark;
  • we are working on several online projects dedicated to russia's war against Ukraine, in particular the ARTRYNOK project.

At the moment, we are interested in the topics of sustainable development and conscious consumption, urbanism, decolonization and decommunization. In our projects, we strive to combine artistic practices with engineering and maker practices.


On the ARTRYNOK platform, we have collected works of art created by Ukrainian artists since 2014 on the theme of the will, indomitability and resistance of Ukraine.

The project is non-commercial and initiated by the NGO Ksi Prostir. We give half of the sales to charity, and the other half to the author of the work.

The site is running in test mode, so there may be errors elsewhere. We will be grateful if you notice and strengthen your comments. We will work on fixing them.

Also, at the moment we launched the site only in Ukrainian, but we will soon translate it into English so that the project will work on the global market.


  • For legal assistance, creation of contracts and consultations — IN TELLIN . In tellin is a project specializing in intellectual property, within the framework of which everyone can receive effective legal assistance and consulting on any issues.
  • Creation of logo and branding — artist and designer Simka Shpin .
  • Goethe-Institut Ukraine and program House of Europe for the scholarship of emergency assistance to cultural workers.