ARTRYNOK Project Order Policy

Appendix No. 1 to the Public Offer
of the ARTRYNOK project for buyers

Order Policy
ARTRYNOK project

The policy defines the main stages of placing orders on the ARTRYNOK project website in accordance with its Public Offer posted at (hereinafter - Public Offer ).

1. Stages of placing an order

1.1. Formation

The Buyer must independently determine the composition of the Order, namely: the quantity, type and form of a certain Work from among those published on the Supplier's website (printed copy or original in physical form) - by sending a completed electronic form through the website.

1.2. Payment

The Buyer pays the cost of the Work through the non-cash means of payment specified by the Supplier and receives confirmation of the fact of receipt of payment (execution of the transaction) from the Supplier by means of electronic communication specified by him in the form.

The costs of its transfer by the Supplier (printing, packaging, taxation, bank commissions) are deducted from the funds received from the sale of the Order.

In the future, after receiving the Order, the money received from the sale must be distributed as follows:

50% is received by the Author of the work or works;

50% is donated to an organization or fund designated by the Author.

1.3. Transfer

The order is transferred (sent) in the form chosen by the Buyer and to the address indicated by him in the following terms:

In Ukraine

Within two weeks from the date of receipt of payment


In a period of one to two months, which can be extended by the time of drawing up the appropriate documentation (additionally agreed upon with the Author and the Buyer)

The order is transferred to the Buyer by Nova Poshta LLC in accordance with its tariffs. The Supplier does not provide other ways of receiving the Order.

Costs for the transmission of the Order (printing, packaging) are borne by the Supplier.

The cost of shipment and/or other processing costs (including proper documentation) are borne by the Buyer.

2. Refund procedure

If the Buyer discovers any defects in the Work, he must report them as soon as possible by means of electronic communication with the Supplier.

The term of consideration of the specified notifications by the Supplier is up to two weeks after their receipt in writing.

If the defects were caused by the fault of the Supplier himself or his authorized persons due to the impossibility and impracticality of eliminating the defects of the Work or its corresponding replacement with another Work from those posted on the site, the Buyer may request a refund of previously paid funds for it.

Refunds to the Buyer are made to the account from which the Work was paid, unless otherwise specified in the Buyer's notification.

3. Other provisions

The policy is an integral part of the Public Offer and is valid during its validity period .